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Communist Party of Cuba and mentality changes

A few days after the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the island today is promoting its economic reorganization, a process whose genesis responds to the change in mentality that the sixth [ ... ]

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Vilma forever among the women of Calixto García

The best tribute to Vilma Espín is made from the consistent practice of her teachings in everyday life, says María de los Ángeles Carralero, secretary of the base delegation number [ ... ]

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Areas that contribute to points of sale of urban agriculture were rescued in Calixto García

Forces and wills are joined in the collective of the Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture Base Business Unit to rescue productions that can expand the offers that are now achieved in authorized points [ ... ]

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Saving electricity in Buenaventura’s Polyclinic

The group of workers from the Buenaventura polyclinic classifies among the centers that achieve efficient use of electricity in the western Holguin municipality of Calixto García, during the first [ ... ]

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Cuba, an eternal Baraguá

143 years have passed since Antonio Maceo and his brave soldiers bravely protested in Mangos de Baraguá before the Spanish military man Arsenio Martínez Campos, who wanted to pacify the Mambisa [ ... ]

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Guaranteed services based on truck loads in Calixto García

By moving more than a thousand tons of merchandise monthly, the workers of the truck load base guarantee their corporate purpose and maintain recognition among the transporters of the municipality of Calixto [ ... ]

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