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Students in Calixto Garcia will enrich the debates of the Constitution project

«And what youth do we want? Do we want, perhaps, a youth that simply concretizes to hear and repeat? Do not! We want a youth that thinks (...) a youth that learns for itself to be a revolutionary, [ ... ]

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An urgent attempt to save a life

With the haste that involves saving a life, whether human or animal, they were delivered to the Club Rancho México, Cruce de Mir, in this municipality of Calixto García, a group of specialists [ ... ]

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The force of will that distinguishes a farmer

The will to extract wealth from the earth does not stop him despite the aftermath of a work accident that deprived him of his left hand. Eugenio Piloto Tamayo is one of many Calixteños who left his [ ... ]

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Workers in the television rooms discuss the Cuban Constitution project

On the draft new Constitution continue in the municipality of Calixto García Holguin analysis about the document approved by the National Assembly of People's Power.

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From the music

The music returns to become the best of the proposals for recreation in the summer and much more if it comes from the hand of talented fans of the playground.

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Peoples Power from the community

The operation of the Popular Council of Vista Hermosa was one of the topics of analysis of the Assembly of People's Power in the municipality of Calixto García Holguin in its VI session held this [ ... ]

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Celebrated municipal act for the 26 of Julio in

Buenaventura is 26th when he celebrated the municipal ceremony on the afternoon of Friday on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada Garrison.

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