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Mir villagers faithful to the history of the IV Simon Bolivar Front

Once again the town of Mir vibrated of patriotism to celebrate today in that town of southern Calixteño the 61st anniversary of the constitution of the IV Simon Bolivar Front that operated in Puerto [ ... ]

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Tobacco crops are already growing in Calixto García’s territory

The start of the 2019-2020 tobacco campaign took place with the planting in areas of one of the tobacco producers of the municipality of Calixto García, which attracted the attention of executives, [ ... ]

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Before the effects of the blockade, we do not cross our arms

The US blockade has cost Cuba billions of dollars of losses, money that could have been used for the development of our country.

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Women debate on community issues

A political process in order to support the work of formation of values leads the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in the municipality of Calixto García in conjunction with the Education sector.

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Answers with feet on the ground

The energy contingency has called for rationality and savings of available economic resources, a situation that tests the culture of resistance of agricultural and livestock producers in the municipality [ ... ]

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Young Calixteños at the foot of the plow

The hustle spread to the neighbors. A youth delegation gathered attention in the neighborhood of Jagüeyes, belonging to the Holguin municipality of Calixto García. Until that town, Calixteño [ ... ]

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In times of difficulties, solidarity abounds in Calixto García

Luis Manuel Leyva Escalona is one of the drivers who in his truck helps the mass transportation of passengers in Buenaventura and the rest of the municipality of Calixto García, an example of the [ ... ]

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