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July 26 illuminates the Homeland

July 26 is the happiest day in history because that day 67 years ago the best of Cuban youth attended the conquest of freedom or glory.

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Summer Sports in Mir are energy

Amid the limitations imposed by the footprints of the Covid 19, the technicians of the Combinado Deportivo de Mir are activated to bring the flavor of recreation to dozens of children, adolescents and young [ ... ]

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Men who touch the sky

Although they work at heights, the keepers are men with their feet firmly on the ground. They, who on multiple occasions have the possibility of touching the sky, assume the risky mission of installing [ ... ]

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Better-prepared young teachers will go to classrooms

Twenty-six new professionals graduated as Graduates in Primary Education, at the Municipal University Center (CUM) "Calixto García", which will impact on a higher quality of learning in this type [ ... ]

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Constructive works  in Calixto García greets July 26

The construction movement of the Holguin municipality of Calixto García executes different constructive actions in greeting to July 26, without neglecting the hygienic-sanitary measures to confront [ ... ]

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Aprueban medicamento cubano en protocolo para tratar la COVID-19 en la India

La oficina regulatoria de medicamentos de la India aprobó la utilización del fármaco cubano Itolizumab, para tratar en caso de emergencia a pacientes con la COVID-19 que presenten dificultad [ ... ]

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Marisela thanks Cuban health and its Revolution

"It does not matter the amount if the actions come from such good will," confirms Marisela Mora Rubet, a self-employed worker in the Holguin municipality of Calixto García, who benefited from social [ ... ]

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