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Fidel, inclaudicable revolutionary

Spontaneously people talk about Fidel Castro, the unbeaten Commander who gave light to the poor of the earth, the humanist, the man, the statesman, the inclaudicable revolutionary who was always the first [ ... ]

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Darlis confirms her willingness to serve the Fatherland

Dr. Darlis Batista Gonzaléz, one of the members of the "Más Médicos" program, who returned to fulfill the internationalist mission in Brazil, is back in her homeland.

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The cassava will be at the table in Calixto García

In the "IV Congress of the Party" food manufacturing located in the old ice plant next to Buenaventura, adapts a place for the production of cassava.

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Expand capacities for the production of construction materials in

New equipment for the local production of materials for construction was received by the workers of the Business Unit of Thresholds, in the municipality of Calixto García in Holguin.

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Culture is our root of Cuban

October 20 is one of the most symbolic dates for the people of Cuba. We celebrate the birth of a great nation of free men and women, who have known how to fight for their national culture, for their identity, [ ... ]

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Debating the Constitution Project in  Calixto García’s neighborhoods

Neighbors of the community of Villa Magalis contributed their criteria on the project of Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, in the meeting that they had in the night of yesterday in that neighborhood [ ... ]

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Barbados, a horrendous crime that Cubans do not forget

Every October 6 we Cubans remember the horrendous crime that in 1976 deprived the lives of 73 people aboard an aircraft of Cubana de Aviación airline as a result of a terrorist act.

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