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Leonor Pérez, the mother who teaches every day

Arais Santiesteban Torres is a young teacher at Leonor Pérez Cabrera Elementary School, in the district of Jagüeyes, municipality of Calixto García in Holguin. For her, to work in a center [ ... ]

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Maceo and Che in combat with us and for us

The last fight of Che wasn’t in the Quebrada del Yuro; From those disastrous days of October 1967 to the date of the Guerrilla of America, as Fidel said, he fights with us and for us.

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Arms extended to save lives

"The child was a very sick . Nobody could donate the blood because there was not that guy and I knew it. Without anyone coming to see me, I went to his house to offer to donate the blood. So the boy recovered".

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Local contributions to favor the Environment

With a substantial increase in the rate of forest, the municipality of Calixto García in Holguin up to June 5, World Environment Day, a day in which initiatives are implemented to preserve the world [ ... ]

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Martí and Fidel, paradigms of all times

"I have in my heart the doctrines of the teacher ...". There is no better phrase that eloquently illustrates the Martian essence that always identified Fidel Castro. His thought, always ahead of his time, [ ... ]

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Shared pain

Death is never welcome, but if it arrives unexpectedly a sense of unreality invades us. This happened to the relatives of the deceased in a fateful plane crash, who after hearing the news marked again and [ ... ]

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Outstanding results of  students in the entrance exams to Higher Education

The municipality of Calixto García is among the three best in the province of Holguin in the results of the entrance exams to Higher Education in the first call, recently concluded.

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