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The happiness of a centenarian

Teresa Blanco Bella is a grandmother of Buenaventura who in January will be one hundred and six years old, surrounded by a family that cares for her, and the main thing: love.

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Infinite love for Fidel

There are circumstances in life that make human beings great, and events that go deep in our hearts, endure in time, accompany us and become part of our lives. The same happens when we live important moments, [ ... ]

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Fidel: An example of revolutionary conviction and permanent faith in victory

Raúl Castro’s words, as early as 1959, summed up the significance of Fidel’s example and his lasting presence among the Cuban people.

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The Cuban Government benefits families in Calixto García

More families with special needs in the Holguin municipality of Calixto García benefits from the Government by being included in the national social assistance program.

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Health support in Calixto García with new vaccination campaign

More than 7 thousand 185 inhabitants of the Holguin municipality of Calixto García will be immunized against Seasonal Influenza as part of the national campaign that takes place throughout the country.

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Cenen, a protagonist of the Civil Defense

Cenen Silva Cabrera, the man who rescued Fidel Castro during a travel through flooded areas of the Cuban Eastern, caused by Flora hurricane, received special recognition at the provincial event held in [ ... ]

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Machado Ventura: Fidel remains present alongside this people

July 26 , a transcendental date in Cuban history, evokes a mix of emotions and ideas in us, of commitment to Fidel and to all those who gave their lives for the independence of our country, and of pride [ ... ]

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