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Growing retail network of food productions in Calixto García

A new point for the sale of the productions that are achieved in the Mini-Industries and the factories of the Basic Production Unit and Food Distributor of the western municipality of Calixto García, [ ... ]

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Women proud of their organization

Zayanán González Romero is one of more than 29 thousand three hundred women of the municipality of Calixto García, a member of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC). She belongs to block [ ... ]

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Challenges of medical assistance in Calixto García

Medical assistance is among the aspects that should continue to consolidate the health sector in the municipality of Calixto García, in order to offer higher quality services in the four areas that [ ... ]

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The 79th Anniversary Flag goes through working collectives of

The 79th anniversary flag of the Cuban Central of Workers (CTC) today completed the first day of their three-day stay in the municipality of Calixto García, as part of their journey initiated on [ ... ]

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Satisfying the people, goal of the merchants workers

As if moving to the rhythm of the song, the bodeguero moves behind the counter as the best of the artists on stage. It does not matter if what you have on the dough is rice, sugar or beans, the truth is [ ... ]

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The benefits that make a peasant collective feel comfortable

Gliserio Martínez has assumed for more than 60 years, as inheritance of his father, the livestock dedicated to the production of milk that he commercializes through sales contracts with the dairy [ ... ]

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Young people in Calixto García will not let the ideas of the Master die

To Not to let the Master’s ideas die, students, young people, political and governmental leaders, as well as part of the people paid tribute to the Apostle on the 165th anniversary of his birth with [ ... ]

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