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Health professionals in Calixto García show their investigative work

The field of Public Health, like many others, needs a constant link of its professionals with scientific research in order to seek greater excellence in the provision of services.

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Women to play a greater role in the community

Women in Calixto García analyze the work objectives approved in the X Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), as part of the political process for the 60th anniversary of the constitution [ ... ]

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An illuminated singer

Luis Ramírez Peña, the most prominent maestro of singing and guitar of this municipality of Calixto García, born in Buenaventura on September 3, 1950, remembers that close to where [ ... ]

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Jueces y árbitros calixteños otra vez a la vanguardia

Cuando el curso escolar 2018-2019 prácticamente cierra sus puertas, varios son los motivos para señalar, que este, una vez más, ha sido, en grado superlativo, positivo para el movimiento [ ... ]

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Alternatives favour production of natural medicine

If something distinguishes the good Cuban is the wise way to find alternatives to limitations with the entry of raw materials or other essential resources to ensure services for popular benefit.

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Educating from an early age is a mission for the family, school and community

In the province of Holguin, the Educate Your Child program welcomes more than 49,000 girls and boys from zero to six years of age. To carry it forward, there is the coordinating group, and the methodologists [ ... ]

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Calixto García’s health professionals work for greater well-being in old age

Achieving that the elderly have their charms and joys to live living leaving behind, for many, the concept of the final and sad stage of human existence, is among the purposes with which they work professionals [ ... ]

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