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Read more: Alba Political Council, defending Latin American and Caribbean integrationCuba will once again become the site of Latin American integration, when the 16th Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) meets this December 14.

Read more: Trump imposes new sanctions on VenezuelaMillionaire Donald Trump, now the President of the most powerful destructive force that humanity has known in its entire history, has ordered additional sanctions against Venezuela. He has said that "… in order to take additional steps with respect to the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13692 of March 8, 2015," he is imposing new economic and financial sanctions on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Obama's decree had already established a plethora of sanctions, now reaffirmed and broadened.

Read more: US Lawmakers against Trump's Announcement about CubaTravel and trade restrictions are some of the President Donald Trump''s announcement of a policy change to Cuba which have being criticized by US lawmakers.

Read more: Venezuela highlights Caribbean solidarity in the OASRead more: Venezuela highlights Caribbean solidarity in the OASCaracas.-The Venezuelan Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Samuel Moncada, thanked Caribbean countries June 19 for their solidarity, which put a stop to the interventionist aims of this regional body against this South American nation, Prensa Latina reported.

Read more: Venezuela to withdraw from OASCARACAS.— This Thursday, April 27, Venezuela will begin the procedure to withdraw from the Organization of American States (OAS) following fresh intervention attempts by the body at its headquarters in Washington, according to the country’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez.