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Read more ...A few days after the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the island today is promoting its economic reorganization, a process whose genesis responds to the change in mentality that the sixth conclave of that political organization defended.

Read more ...The best tribute to Vilma Espín is made from the consistent practice of her teachings in everyday life, says María de los Ángeles Carralero, secretary of the base delegation number 3, belonging to block 4 in the town of Buenaventura: “That legacy for us It is the inseparable guide, that is why we are working on cleaning the block, collaborating to face the pandemic, promoting the production of food in the patios, in short, ready to the tasks that today are essential if it is to contribute. "

Read more ...Construction workers of the Basic Business Unit of Thresholds completed the first four houses of a plan of twenty, planned for this year.

Read more ...Forces and wills are joined in the collective of the Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture Base Business Unit to rescue productions that can expand the offers that are now achieved in authorized points of sale in the Holguin municipality of Calixto García.