Cultural News

mujeres buenaventura5There are teachers who inspire feelings and contribute to forming convictions, especially in adolescents and young people and in moments of definitions of profiles, careers and futures.

joselin y daisy acosta"Emilio Ballagas Cubeñas must be remembered not only as one of the greatest Cuban lyricists of all time, but also as the poet who approached his work with the most dispossessed and forgotten classes of the society that he lived. It was, along with his compatriot from Camagüey, Nicolás Guillén, who stood out the most in the well-known Negro poetry within the literary vanguard of the first half of the last century".

organo hermanos ajoThe first of these aerophone instruments that enter the country casually was a small organ of cylinder.

organo1This is the instrument that accompanied the flowering of Cienfuegos city in 1819 with its founding colonists, the same that became mambí and later rebellious in the Sierra Maestra, which was assumed by the Fornaris families and cubanized by the Borbolla, of Manzanillo and Then for those who took it in ox carts to Bayamo, Holguín and other towns, it is now the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

ramon acosta3The tenth, which was adopted in Cuba as our own, has found fertile soil in this part of the island. The musicality that existed in the singing of the peasant during his own labors in the countryside was assuming poetic forms to become art, and to become over time one of the cultural riches of this region.