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Read more: Another April 19, another victoryThe fact that today Cuba has a new President is not only the result of an electoral process. There is a great deal of responsibility, and symbolism. in this transition from one historical generation to another which was not forged in the Sierra or on the plains in the hard-won victory, but one that has risen to the occasion to preserve the victory, without losing the way, to found, transform, triumph…

Read more: A present grounded in heroismThe sky thundered minutes before six in the morning. The ships that crossed the sky, although they showed the insignia of the Cuban air force, did not have the same objective of those that on land received a baptism of fire and death. Its mission was, besides destroying the already old Cuban aviation, to spread panic.

Read more: The Caravan of Freedom, a caravan of dreams and realities! The bearded are going to pass! It was the voice that ran from mouth to mouth. Batista had fled. The Rebel Army entered triumphantly into Santiago; in Havana a coup d'etat was forged. Fidel Castro, from the eastern capital, gave precise instructions to Camilo and Che to enter Columbia and Ciudad Libertad and called a general strike to avoid the coup.

Read more: Cuba reaches lowest infant mortality rate in its history - four per 1,000 live birthsMaintaining infant mortality rate below five per 1,000 live for the 10th consecutive year is reason enough for Cuba to celebrate.

Read more: The Battle of Ideas that makes us invincible"It was a unique opportunity, unrepeatable, of those that occur only once and mark you for the rest of your life. We participated at that time in the VIII National Conference of the Technical Youth Brigades (BTJ) and a pioneer of the city of Matanzas makes the call to those gathered there to march along the boardwalk in front of the office of interests of the United States and there at a protest rally to demand the return of a child who was kidnapped by the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami. Everything flowed spontaneously and that act marked the beginning of the Battle of Ideas. A loudspeaker was used on a car and from there we spoke to be heard by US diplomatic representatives. "