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Priority to crops using  biological products

Expanding and diversifying the production of biological media constitutes a priority for the Urban Farm Base Business Unit of the municipality of Calixto García in the face of the challenges of the [ ... ]

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Increasing stocking of fish in

With the sowing of spotted tench fingerlings in the El Martillo micro-dam, there are five reservoirs recovered in the municipality of Calixto García, as part of the program for food production.

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Transport face US blockade against Cuba

The workers of the bus station of the Holguin municipality of Calixto García promote the efficient use of all kinds of resources, with priority for energy carriers, as an effective measure to face [ ... ]

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Measures are applied in the Transport sector to face Covid-19 in Calixto García

Ariel Parra Almaguer, municipal director of Transportation, when offering details of the new regulations approved in the Municipal Defense Council, specified: “As of Monday, September 14, interprovincial [ ... ]

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Young Calixteños speak out for greater results in food production

A fruitful exchange in favor of food production characterized the Municipal Plenary of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) of the Calixteño territory in which the commitment of young people to this [ ... ]

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Fidel's imprint on a man of the people

The journalist Lázaro Barredo Medina was closely linked to the feelings of the Calixteños as a deputy to the Cuban Parliament for this municipality of Calixto García for 25 years.

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Local heroes in white coats return with their duty accomplished

This marriage returns with the taste of duty fulfilled by offering their medical knowledge to the people of Mexico in the fight against Covid-19.

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